The Park has been extremely popular during Covid_19 and the additional strain on the path, coupled with natural erosion to its surface, has led to the path needing new drains and resurfacing. The path from Astbury Street into AMCP was well worn and  in need repair.  Cheshire East Council has supported AMCP by making these much needed improvements and repairs. 

The Council agreed to work on the path as part of its social responsibility and initiatives to improve the environment for the local communities. The work has been timed to fit in with the local habitat’s needs and is due to finish mid-April.  Access to the site will still be possible, and the public are asked to follow the health and safety signs. The Council used the car park to the right of the entrance as its base, and refreshed the non-tarmac areas of the car park as they left the site.

Alison Cresswell, MBE, Chair of Astbury Mere Board of Trustees said, ‘We are very grateful to the Council for the support it is giving to Astbury Mere Country Park and the local community who use it regularly. The park is the nearest local park for approximately 3,500 people and contributes to the health and wellbeing of many visitors.  Astbury Mere Trust has had a long-standing partnership arrangement with the Countryside Ranger Service from Cheshire East Council who manage the daily operations of the Park on a part-time basis. We hope that more joint initiatives between the Council and the Park can be arranged in the future.’